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tigerpixieart's Journal

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Cat Art by, Carrie "Tigerpixie" Hawks
External Services:
  • tigerpixieart@livejournal.com
Hi! I'm Carrie and I'm a full time self-representing artist. I regard myself as primarily a cat artist and incorporate a fantasy theme with many of the felines that I paint. I sell my fantasy cat artwork and gift items on my web site....
Tigerpixie Art Studio, http://tigerpixie.com )
Artfire Studio( Seller ID: Tigerpixie )
Etsy Shop ( Seller Id: Tigerpixie )
Zazzle Gift Gallery, TigerpixieArt.com
features my fantasy cat images on popular gift items like T-Shirts, Keds Shoes, Mousepads, Tote Bags, Postage Stamps, Greeting Cards, Stickers, Coffee / Tea Mugs and much more!

I live in Florida with my wonderful husband, son and daughter. We have beautiful cats that were all strays. They are my babies!

Please feel free to E-mail Me with any questions, suggestions or requests. I offer prints and gift items of most of my paintings on my website and I am availabe for custom commissions. If you see a painting that you love I can paint a similar one specifically for you or even make you a print. Visit my website's Commissions page for more information.
Well that's just a little about me.

~~* Message To New Friends *~~
*Yes, I'd love for you to add me to your Friend's list if you'd like to keep up with my art! :) I don't have a whole lot of time to comment on my Friend's LJ's anymore. So please don't take it the wrong way if I can't keep up with all of your posts. All of my art posts are public so feel free to comment or ask questions anytime! I am able to keep up with my own LJ posts and comments pretty well and I'd love to hear what you think of my newest artworks!!*

*Please Note: All artworks, images, paintings, photographs, etc. shown in my journal are copyrighted. I retain all rights to these images and paintings. They may not be reproduced without my consent. All rights reserved. copyright 2002-2011, Carrie Hawks. Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

I also have a profile on Myspace.com "Tigerpixie" and on Twitter "Tigerpixie"

Facebook ~ Art Page

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Tigerpixie Art Studio Vivid Cat Paintings and Fantasy Cat Art

My Zazzle Gift Gallery, TigerpixieArt.com ...
Fantasy Cat Art by Carrie Hawks, Zazzle Gift Gallery, T-shirts, Keds Shoes, Mousepads, Mugs, & more!

My Other Online Galleries & Profiles
These are links to some of my online galleries. Most of them have a lot of the same artwork in them as my website. All of these links open in a new window.

WildAzzKat Talent Productions
Elfwood ~ Artwanted.com ~ DeviantArt ~ EBSQ ~ Sheezy Art
ACEO Gallery ~ MySpace ~ Enchanted Artists ~ Faeriedust Gallery
Fantasy Artists UK ~ Gods, Heros, and Myth~ Fantasy Art Links
Fairies World Special Artist Feature ~ Dream Gallery ~ The Fantasy Art Gathering

P.s.I've listed more of my intrests below.
** I love to see where all my friends live! Please take a moment to sign my guest map...


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